Little girl loses herself in a moment of euphoria after witnessing rain for the first time.

The moment a little girl felt rain for the very first time outside her California home has been captured in an adorable video (Kayden + Rain on Vimeo).  

As 15-month-old toddler Kayden totters into her front yard she turns back towards her mother and says 'Wow'.
When her usually sunny hometown had a rare rain shower in December, Kayden was overwhelmed by the drops of water falling from the sky.

With her hands outstretched and the palms facing upwards, the cute little girl beams as she feels the cool rain on her skin.
The toddler appears in awe of the shower as she quietly repeats 'wow' to herself as she stands in the front yard watching the rain fall.

When she is carried back in the house to dry off, Kayden starts to cry before dashing back into the rain.
The adorable video was filmed by NIcole Byon, who posted it to her Vimeo page. It quickly went viral and has been watched more than 600,000 times.

Watch full video here Kayden + Rain on Vimeo

Courtesy: Daily Mail
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